Liu GUANCHEN ceramic art

Liu GUANCHEN was born in a family of traditional Chinese painting. From an early age, he thumbed through the picture album and splashed ink and color beside his father's painting case. He has accumulated a deep knowledge of Chinese and western traditional painting. After that, he studied design, engaged in art teaching, constantly explored on the road of art growth, and looked for an art language suitable for giving full play to his personality. In the early stage of artistic creation, he chose the direction of contemporary art and practiced artistic exploration with easel painting as the medium. His works combined the different cultural feelings of the East and the West and have formed his own unique artistic style. His works have been exhibited everywhere for many times and praised by the community.



Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art | misty rain in spring mountain (Jun ware tea)


He respects the rules and principles of modeling and cherishes the academic knowledge and skills he has obtained, but he is unwilling to be bound by it. The visual form of easel painting and solidification still makes him feel a slight regret in artistic expression. The modeling of the new century gives him a new proposition: how to inherit and develop? Then the artist with the spirit of free creation started ceramic design across the border, from plane to three-dimensional and then to multi-dimensional space. Of course, Liu GUANCHEN had to make up the basic courses of ceramics: drawing embryo, sharpening embryo and firing... For this reason, he spent a lot of effort and energy.



Liu GUANCHEN asked his teacher, Mr. Yang Wenxian, for advice

       因大学时曾受教于日本工业设计师、设计教育家佐野邦雄先生、松丸隆先生, 刘冠辰受到了现代工业设计理念的影响。结合多年的教学与艺术实践做陶瓷设计,非陶瓷专业出身的刘冠辰恰好跳出了当今河南陶瓷创作中存在的一些桎梏,不拘于保守,意图创新。近年来他有幸追随“陶瓷泰斗”、“毛瓷”创烧者杨文宪先生学习传统釉理与科学陶瓷,成为杨文宪先生的关门弟子。杨文宪先生年近九十高龄,言传身教思维清晰,条例有序、治学严谨,尤其是老师依然锐意进取、不拘而前的精神,深深地影响了他。间或又与刘志钧、晋晓瞳等名家把泥论道、塑形灼彩,几年下来他很快便成功地转换出了自己的另一个角色,成为跨界而来的陶瓷设计师。

Liu GUANCHEN was influenced by the concept of modern industrial design because he had been taught by Japanese industrial designer and design educator Mr. Bono sasano and Mr. Matsumoto. Combined with years of teaching and artistic practice, Liu GUANCHEN, who is not a ceramic major, just jumped out of some shackles existing in Henan Ceramic Creation, not confined to conservatism and intended to innovate. In recent years, he has the honor to follow Mr. Yang Wenxian, the creator of "ceramic leader" and "Mao porcelain", to learn traditional glaze theory and scientific ceramics and become a closed disciple of Mr. Yang Wenxian. Mr. Yang Wenxian is nearly 90 years old. He teaches by example, has clear thinking, orderly regulations and rigorous scholarship. In particular, his teacher's spirit of forging ahead and not sticking to the past has deeply affected him. Occasionally, he talked about mud, shaped and painted with famous artists such as Liu Zhijun and Jin Xiaotong. In a few years, he quickly successfully transformed into another role and became a cross-border ceramic designer.


How to make the past serve the present, perfectly integrate modern innovative elements into Chinese ceramic design, jump out of the rigid conservatism of traditional ware types, push through the old and bring forth the new, innovate and develop contemporary ceramic art has become a research topic that the teacher gave him to explore all his life. Liu GUANCHEN believes that the inheritance and development of Chinese ceramics should be a concept of "big system". In this system, in addition to the traditional Henan ceramics, "it also includes Longquan celadon, Hebei Ding porcelain, Jingdezhen blue and white, colored porcelain, Yixing purple sand, modern ceramic art, and other sister arts... In short, all the factors that can promote the development of ceramic art are our research, inheritance Objects to be absorbed. "


杨文宪先生题字:壹刘工坊 万般精妙

Mr. Yang Wenxian's inscription: one Liu workshop is all the different kinds exquisite


Bearing the wisdom and expectations of many predecessors, Liu GUANCHEN has been thinking about how to integrate traditional ceramics with modern science and technology and contemporary art ideas, so as to make the changing Chinese ceramic art go further in the torrent of the times. He believes that tradition is not conservative, but the beginning of modernity. From the ancient experience of China in the past, it is adjusted to the element that can enhance the vitality of life. It may be many life elements provided by the cultivation of knowledge, science, philosophy or humanities. It is changing and unchanged, just as the creation and change philosophy of Yi Chuan said; As the mirror of modern civilization, traditional culture has both real reality and virtual reality.

       怀着以自己的语言,全新的角度和形式表现陶瓷艺术愿望。在前辈的鼓励下,在师兄刘志钧等人的支持下,逐渐形成了独特的研发团队。秉持着杨文宪老师“陶瓷科学与设计艺术的完美结合”这句话为创作宗旨,刘冠辰艰辛研究创新的汗水换来了丰硕的技术成果。几年来,他已取得三项陶瓷类发明专利与多项实用新型专利,知识产权更是多达几十项;为了研究中国中国传统的茶文化对陶瓷的影响,还报考学习了茶艺师,从多角度对陶瓷设计及文化进行研究。“判天地之美,析万物之理”,传统文化给了刘冠辰怎样的启发,应该说他在中国文化数千年的传承环境下,选择了不变的天理人情,即是苟日新,日日新,又日新,也就是以时代的文化交融之生机,在情思上力争创新。“当代陶瓷艺术家应该研究的是陶瓷发展传承的内在属性和客观因素,重要的是从思想上、社会背景上,以及创新模式中来对我们有所启发,而不是一味地去模仿照搬。” 刘冠辰深知其中的道理,所以他说:“作为一个陶瓷艺术家,一定要了解自己母体或者自身文化的历史,这是根脉,并且以古喻今。”

With the desire to express ceramic art in their own language, new angles and forms. With the encouragement of our predecessors and the support of senior brother Liu Zhijun, we have gradually formed a unique R & D team. Adhering to Mr. Yang Wenxian's creative purpose of "the perfect combination of ceramic science and design art", Liu GUANCHEN's hard research and innovation has brought rich technical achievements. Over the past few years, he has obtained three ceramic invention patents and a number of utility model patents, and dozens of intellectual property rights; In order to study the influence of Chinese traditional tea culture on ceramics, I also applied to study tea artists to study ceramic design and culture from multiple angles“ Judge the beauty of heaven and earth and analyze the reason of all things ". What inspiration has traditional culture given Liu GUANCHEN? It should be said that under the inheritance environment of Chinese culture for thousands of years, he chose the same natural and human feelings, that is, Gou Rixin, Rixin and Rixin, that is, he strives to innovate in emotion and thinking with the opportunity of cultural blending of the times“ Contemporary ceramic artists should study the internal attributes and objective factors of ceramic development and inheritance. The important thing is to inspire us from the ideological, social background and innovative model, rather than blindly imitate and copy. " Liu GUANCHEN knows the truth, so he said: "as a ceramic artist, we must understand our mother or the history of our own culture. This is the root and has been known from ancient times to the present."



Mr. Meng Shufeng, a Chinese ceramic master and master of ceramic arts and crafts, wrote an inscription for Liu GUANCHEN's works


After understanding Chinese cultural classics, how to integrate more humanistic spirit, create new forms and new meanings, and contain the thoughts and emotions in traditional culture under the background of the times. This is Liu GUANCHEN's cultural consciousness and his artistic philosophy.


In 2017, Liu GUANCHEN founded his personal studio "one Liu workshop" to try new ways of expression and ceramic materials. Theory and practice are developing simultaneously, and he is still in progress.


Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art: Huanhua (Ding ware tea cup)


Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art: Fulu bottle (Jun ware)


Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art: Double Heart small mouth bottle (Jun ware)


Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art: Peach Blossom (rujun ware tea cup)


Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art: golden autumn pumpkin pot series (Ru ware)


Liu GUANCHEN Ceramic Art: golden autumn pumpkin pot series (Ru ware)